Magnetic Door Catcher

Door Magnet Catcher Manufacturer in Rajkot India

Krishna Industries offers an exclusive range of Plastic Magnetic Door Catchers that can be used for all types of furniture applications. We also offer a range of heavy-duty magnetic door closers that are suitable for high-temperature industrial applications. Our products are not for one but for all varying with the size and design of the catchers. We stand as leading magnetic door catcher manufacturers in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Using our products the customers gets a 100% satisfaction on money spent and durability of products. We are known to deliver the industry best products with the help of our expert team as per the customer’s needs and demands. Knowing your customer is the key mantra for Krishna Industries and its quality assurance team.

Made from Ferrite Magnet the door magnet is used for cabinet, cupboard, wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom and office etc. and is the epitome of quality and grace. It contains space for screw and blade made of MS sheet for excellent performance. The magnet catchers are available in different shapes and colors to suit different demands.

Stating is easy but proving what you state is difficult and we at Krishna Industries not only prove it but have a wide customer base developed across India. Rajkot being the patron for Krishna Industries the customers here are more likely to be close to our heart but that does not stop us from serving customers across India in a better and responsible way.

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  • Easy to Maintain
  • Unique Design
  • Light Weight


  • MAGNET No. 1
  • MAGNET No. 2
  • MAGNET No. 3
  • MAGNET No. 6