A Brief Look into the Features and Properties of the Door Magnet Catchers

A Brief Look into the Features and Properties of the Door Magnet Catchers

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A magnetic door catcher is a type of device that helps to keep the door always in closed position. The door catcher comes with a catching component that is attached to the bottom or top plate of a door, a cabinet or a drawer. The magnetic part is attached to the door. Based on the location in which they are to be installed and the application for which they are required, you can find a wide range of door catches to choose from. A leading door magnet manufacturer in Rajkot that has been making these products can consider the specific needs you have and then point you to the best range of products easily.

The magnetic door catchers have a simple structure and they are also very easy to use. This is why they are widely used in both commercial and residential buildings.

In the standard versions of door catches, there are mainly two or more slides that are used which seamlessly create a lock. This lock then helps in keeping the door in the standard position. The main advantage of using the magnetic door catches has to do with the fact that it has a simple operation and it does not require a lot of technical understanding to work with them. This means that they have a very compact design and such features help to maintain the door and the drawer in a closed state. The magnet catcher manufacturer in Rajkot is skilled at designing and developing components that can seamlessly be used with all types of doors. Typically high grade and high quality ABS standard plastic is used for making the door catches and this makes them unbreakable.

As you start consulting with a company of magnetic door catcher manufacturers in India, you can focus on getting the appropriate range of products for the project that you are currently working on. These manufacturers can get you door closers and catchers that you can use for industrial applications involving high temperatures. These companies also create magnetic door catchers for offices, bathrooms, kitchens, wardrobes and other rooms that should be secured with a door.